Friday, October 21, 2005

change in plans

Well, The lace tablecloth I have on the needles, is officially stalled. It's about twenty eight inches in diameter, (unblocked) and I just can't even look it it right now. So, it's to be set aside. In place of the tablecloth, my MIL will be getting these:

A beaded smoke ring and mittens. They aren't a perfect match, but close enough.

The smoke ring is Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer's pattern, with doubled laceweight. (Alpaca of course, because I have a little alpaca problem.) The mittens, well I don't really have a plan yet, except that they are to be two color and made of Koigu. I'm thinking of a vintage look. Which means I'll be cruising google images later for inspiration.

My stepmother recently retired, and asked if she could take Jessie for a few hours on Fridays. This woman and I have had a sketchy past at best. But really, the way I look at it, what happened happened, and nothing said or done now will change it. I'm actually very pleased that she is wanting to spend time with Jess, and I hope it continues. This also gives me a bit of extra time on Fridays.
Originall, I had planned to head up to Sit n Knit in New Buffalo once in a while, but lately I've been having little knit get togethers with some friends and giving some knitting instruction. It's always fun to hand someone a pair of needles and some wool and watch them learn.

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