Wednesday, October 06, 2004

sweater setback

Well, We are all just about packed. See, Carma, I'm doing better. Normally, I would insist on being 75% packed 36 hours before departure. A very annoying habit that I am trying to rid myself of. :) (That's for my SnB friends.)

I finished the back of Jessica's sweater last night, and I gave it to her to inspect. Jess is three, visually impaired, and VERY particular about her clothing.

Anyway, I handed her the back of the sweater, and she threw it to the floor, as if it had burned her. So, it's back to the drawing board for me. (Note to self: "Self, Jess does NOT like Paton's chunky.") So, I'm now searching my stash for something she'll like that will go with her cords. I know I should just go to Walmart and pick her up a top, but where's the challenge in that? Plus these pants are SO cute on her.

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Well, I'm off to run all my errands. I will return Monday. Most likely with lots of pictures.

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