Tuesday, October 05, 2004

New team member!

Whoo hoo!!! Carma has graciously accepted my invitation to contribute to this blog. After all, She is really the one with the dorky best friend. (Hey, I am aware of my dorkiness, and have learned to embrace it. After all, it's what makes me, well, me.)

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Last night's Stitch N Bitch was a lot of fun. We had a new member, who was quiet, but seemed very nice. I took stitch markers that I had made as gifts to all who attended. These are what I have left. I'll have to make up some more.

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So, are any of you wondering what I'll be working on now? It's a pullover (or cardigan. Haven't decided yet) for Jessica. She has the cutest pair of corduroy pants, but she has nothing to go with them. So I'm making her a pullover (or cardigan) out of Patons Chunky in Deep Plum It is nothing fancy. I'm trying out a new book I bought last night.

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It's great. (Thanks, Lesa!) It's full of basic patterns. Then for each it has a cart. The top lists all the different sizes, and the first column lists your guage per inch, and where the two intersect is the number you cast on, bind off, etc. It's a real time saver.

We saw My mother-in-law off this morning. Now it's back to cleaning, and laundry. Jess are I are heading to Missouri for my grandmother's 80th birthday on Thursday. Nate has to stay home and work. The truly sad thing is, I've spent more time trying to decide what projects to take with me, than I have on what I'm going to wear. (I know, it's a sickness)

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