Thursday, October 14, 2004


Hi, all!

After much brooding Tuesday, I came to realize things are not as bad as I sometimes make them. Yes, it sucks that Jess has a vision impairment, but it does not endanger her life. For that I am truly thankful for everyday.

But moving on to lighter topics. I'm sorry to say I have not had much progress on ANY of my projects in the last few days. It's been somewhat of a hectic week. Not so much any one thing as it is about a million things. That need to be done. This week. And it's Thursday. I'm so screwed.

Nate had attempted to help out, and planned to take today off. But, last night he came home with flowers for me. I know what some of you are thinking, "Oh, how sweet! Flowers out of the blue."

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NOTE: Notice the mini-disaster that surrounds the flowers. Originally, I had no room on our dining room table to set the flowers on. Yup, things are that bad.

My actual reaction: I met him at the door and asked, "What did you do?" (See, the ONLY time I get flowers is when someone screws up.) Nate began to explain how he cannot take today off after all, and he knew how much I was counting on him to be able to. Did I mention the million things to be done this week?

So here I am blogging to you all, instead of taking advantage of this early start to my day. Why? Because I'm to the point that I am so overwhelmed that I have picked only a few things that must get done, and I'm leaving the rest to be done at my leisure. After all, a procrastinator's work is never done. :)

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  1. AWWWW Pretty flowers! Sucks that he had to go to work today but they are really pretty flowers. Go Natey. ;)