Thursday, October 21, 2004


The following is the key piece of evidence my investigation turned up. I can now safely assume that Jess IS my key suspect in the lens fingerprint case. I present to you my evidence:

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The little Stinker thought she could get away with this.

I didn't get much knitting done yesterday. Jess had a doctor appointment with a new Pediatric Neurologist. Yesterday she behaved like a little monster.

Normally, Jess is a pretty happy, and charming little girl. Yesterday she screamed and kicked, bit and scratched, pinched and headbutted pretty much from the time she woke up until she passed out at about 3:30pm. She had me reduced to tears at the doctors office. This is highly unusual, because I'm usually not rattled at all,when she does behave badly. (Yeah, she was that bad.)

So, now Jess' new doctor thinks that I'm a basket case, and that Jess is most likely Autistic. Jess has been evaluated several times in the past few months , and everytime, she has rated "low risk" for Autism. Granted she does display Autisim-like behaviour from time to time, but with ONH that is fairly common.

You should have seen the doctor's expression everytime I tried to explain that this was not Jess' "normal" behavior. So, so frustrating.

Relief came when Nate came home. He took one look at me, one look at Jess passed out on the couch, and told me to go do whatever I needed to do, and he'd take care of Jess for the night. (Did I mention how much I love this man?) I went off to a much needed night out. I did a little bit of Christmas shopping , (half way done) grabbed a bite to eat, and went to my Stitch n Bitch.

The SnB was a blast as usual, although the turnout has been low, lately. There are a few members I really miss, buteveryone gets busy I guess. Well, enough of my complaining. I promise tomorrow I'll have more knitting pics.

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