Monday, October 18, 2004

Sweater Carnage

I have a condition.

I cannot stay faithful to a sweater. I've tried many times, but I always stray. Maybe a hat, a pair of socks, a bear or two, even (get this) another sweater. I don't know why my sweater projects failed to hold my attention. I have bits and pieces of them all over the house. Backs fronts, sleeves,(if only they were all to the same sweater)

I have the body of a gray raglan cardigan.

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The hoodie sans sleeves.

See September's posts, because I have not even touched them since.

The blue cotton cardigan.

See above entry. Yeah, ditto.

The body of Jess' pullover.

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The back most of the front for Jess' cardigan. (I LOVE THIS YARN!) I need to go hunt down a solid coordinating color for the sleeves and trim I think.

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Will I finish them? Eventually. Will I finish them before Christmas. That I cannot answer.

Meanwhile, I have finally finished Ma's socks. The slight bummer is, they are a touch big. Oh well, better than a touch small, I suppose.

Ma called me Thursday night and asked If Jess could sleepover on Friday. What is she thinking? Like she has to ASK??

So, Friday night, Nate and I were Jessie-less. We didn't do much really. We went out to eat, came home and just hung out. Oh, But we did turn down the heat. I know, I know..."Whew! When will the whirlwind of excitement stop?" you ask.

But, I did give into temptation and started Nate's socks.

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They are more beautiful then I imagined. I know there's barely more than the ribbing, but they are.

So, with my embarrassing display of unfinished sweaters, I do hereby resolve to finish at least two of them before I start another project. Even though that cute new bear pattern is calling out to me from the binder it now calls home. Hmmmm...talking patterns. I better go to bed. Take care.

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