Wednesday, May 17, 2006

what, no sock pictures??

Well, here's my limited progress on my soysilk tank. I wanted it to have some shaping, but the thought of a plain ole' Stst tank was boring me. So, I dug out my Rogue pattern (You remember my Rogue? Yeah it's still stuffed in a box with just some sewing keeping it from being a FO.) I though I would use the cable pattern that shapes the Rogue by running up either side, on my tank here. I'm not sure if i'll like it, we'll just have to wait and see.

Plus I think I might have a sock problem.

Pairs of sock currently on the needles: 6.

Who knew I had that many double points?

OH! How could I forget Mr. Dangly. (Or as I have been calling him, Mr. Bluedangles.)

Not much else to show. I spent most of the day cleaning the bedroom. I pulled the bed out to vacuum under it and found dog hair. DOG HAIR! I'm not about to disclose when we last had a dog. (She was hit by a car. She loved to wedge herself under our bed.)

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