Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I was hoping to show you a finished Shetland Triangle shawl, from the WRapstyle book, but I have not been well. It seems delirium-inducing fevers and laceknitting do not mix. Huh. I'm adding a couple more repeats than the pattern calls for, and as it is now, I'm about 75% through it. I love this color. In some lights it looks gray, in others almost lavendar. Very soft alpaca. I love it.

Has anyone else worked the canteen bag from the latest IK? Do the numbers not jive for you too, or am I on my own on this one? I'm about to throw the pattern aside and wing the rest. we'll see what becomes of it.

As it looks now, Carma will not be making it out this weekend to meet up for the Harlot book tour stop at Arcadia. I'm hoping to recoop enough to make it myself. I plan to Meet Jen in Chicago, and make it to a couple yarn shops, if she's still up for it.

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