Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Knit Exchanges and the New Boy

I am going to send my sock pal package out today. Once she receives it I will link to her. I really hope she likes it.

I started my scarf me scarf I deicided on the short row scarf that was in the last Magknits. This tagliatelli yarn is a real pain to photograph.

Well, with all the excitement about house, I forgot to mention the news for this week. Carma's coming out for a visit this weekend. Also, she is bringing the New Boy. Now, I have to practice my best "What-are-your-intentions-with-my-friend" speech. (Also known as the "I may look weak and petite, but if you hurt her; I hurt you" speech)

But, not only is Carma coming up and I'm meeting the New Boy. She and I are going to Farm Aid on Sunday. I know, I know I have to sit down and catch my breath. Oh wait--no! I have to clean!

P.S. Now if only I could find the new Harlot book...

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