Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Chain of Love

Ok, I meant to post yesterday, but the day just seemed to get away from me. First, let me post some knitting content.

My Scarf Me scarf, she is done.
Pinecone scarf from IK winter 2004
I used Colinette Tagliatelli in the fire colorway.

Now onto Farm Aid.

First off, we had lawn seats, which means that this was our view of the stage.

No matter, we still had a blast. We sat with some of our friend, Andy and the group hwe came with. If you are wondering why we are squinting in most if not all of the pictures, it's because the sun was just to the left of the stage. Man did we get sunburnt.

A picture of me working on a sock during the Supersuckers, because they super did.

We met up with Nate's Uncle Q., and hung out with him for a while. He's been to every Farm Aid, and he's a blast to hang out with.

The highlights for me were:
Buddy Guy (with John Mayer)
Arlo Guthrie (He sang Alice's restaurant, and I think Carma and I were the only two in our section of lawn who knew the words.)
Los Lonely Boys (Willie came out and played with them.)
Widespread Panic was good.
Dave Matthews was pretty good.
Sen. Barach Obama (He introduced Wilco. I was unimpressed by Wilco.)
John Mellencamp rocked. (We formed what was dubbed as the "Chain of Love" during Pink Houses. It started with just our group and our blanket neighbors, swaying with our arms over our neighbors' shoulders. It ended with easily 50 folk.)
Last but DEFINITELY not least Willie Nelson, and his sons ended the night.

Farm Aid kicked off at one pm and ended some time after midnight. It was darn near three am by the time we got back. I'm looking forward to next year.

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