Saturday, September 17, 2005

A horse of a different Color.

Carma and the New Boy made it in safe and sound yesterday. We all decided to go out to dinner.
Self, NEVER attempt a night out in Chesterton during the biggest weekend of the year for this little bo-dunk town.

Oz Fest. Now if you are wondering why in the hell Chesterton, Indiana would have a festival dedicated to anything and everything Wizard of Oz....well, you'd be asking a damn fine question.

See the reason would be that Chesterton houses a gift shop/museum called the Yellow Brick Road, owned by a Chestertonian who organized the first event twenty years ago, and it's been going strong ever since. (If you are interested there is a documentary called Emerald Immersion.

You can always tell a native Chestertonian, because the mere mention of the Wizard of Oz makes them cringe.

The only highlights are the muchkin sightings.

One of the lollipop kids.
The coroner (You know, he was the guy who proclaims the Wicked Witch of the East dead.) was there as well. He was a special guest of honor and had his own car in the parade, but all you could see was his big purple hat and a hand waving. Poor planning on someone's part.

There has always been a rumor buzzing as to why the munchkins were banned from staying in the Indian Oak Inn. Jen has given me a confirmation that the rumors are true, so let me share. (If you already haven't read about this in the comments) They were banned for leading a horse into the indoor pool. They are a fun bunch.

This year, like every year since we've had Jess, we headed up for the parade. Carma, Cory (aka the New Boy), Jen, Nat, Zander, Jess and I caravaned in to town and then walked up to Broadway to find an optimal view.

Then we went for ice cream.and all went our seperate ways.

Monday: Carma and I hope to share our Farmaid experience.

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