Thursday, September 08, 2005


Ok, I have a crochet project I'm just about ready to throw aside every one of my WIP's aside to make. That's right a CROCHET project. It'll be worth the pain I will be experiencing in my right forearm. Unfortunately, I have no good picture to show, but I do have a link, to someone who does. Here.

Meanwhile, while I am rifling through my stash, hoping to find a yarn that hasn't been earmaked for another project, I'm trying like mad to finish the poncho I am making for new mother, Jill. I want to have it done to give to her before we leave for the weekend. All I really have to do is put some sort of lace edging on it, so I'll be pulling out Nancy Epstien's book here shortly. Then pictures. (I know I have been promising pictures for some time now. If only I could find my friggin' charger. You haven't seen it have you?)

Then it's off to pack and pick out appropriate trip projects to take with me this weekend. We'll be heading south to check out what very well might be our new home and to research some job opportunities, and various other moving tidbits. (Don't panic yet. Nothing's been decided on.)

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