Monday, June 12, 2006

A rough start to summer vacation

My very last sockapaloooza post, I swear.
I volunteered to be a "sock savior". A person to fill in for a pal that dropped out, that way, everyone gets socks.

I finished them last night.

the pattern is Gullwing Socks from Socks, socks, socks. The yarn is Shelridge Farms, Soft Touch Ultra. Man they weren't kidding, after washing these socks were VERY soft. I hope the recipient likes them.

I also finished my trekking socks last night. I was hoping to work on these while I contemplated what pattern to use for the other trekking yarn (108) I have in cue. These were Suppose to fill in for my Trek along with me obligations until I picked a pattern for the other yarn. I still don't know what pattern to use. Any suggestions?

Jessica and I are quarrantined to the house today. Our morning started with Jess throwing up last night's dinner, and I don't want to take her anywhere until I'm sure it was an isolated incident.

So, in the meantime, I started my nephew's furry blanket.

and I've dug out all my books and patterns, in hopes of finding the perfect sock pattern, and a tank pattern for this.

Oh, Jess would like to show off her new haircut.

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