Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back to basics

my trekking sock came with me to the Pioneer Village, and we took in the sights. Well, we took lots of pictures of spinning wheels, and only one of the trail itself.

We stayed at the Inn at Spring Mill, and walked the trail down to the pioneer village. It's very neat, on the weekends they have volunteers there to actually work in the village. They have a woodshop, leather shop, grist mill, weavers house, spinners, quilters, a very pretty garden that's kept up, a distillery, etc. Anyway, like I said, all we have here are spinning wheels to share.

"the low wheel"

"the walking wheel"
Oh, and the sock. I ripped out my original picot-edged sock and just went for my basic sock. I have yet to cast on the second, I have another pair of socks that are due for an upcoming birthday.

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