Friday, June 16, 2006

mini skeins

Ok, so Wednesday we had Jennifer and Zander come over to play. I have no visual record of the event, but Jennifer does, so pop over there for supreme cuteness.

Before they headed over, Jennifer emailed me that she's bring me a bag of wool. (does this girl know how to make my day or what?) So I'm thinking she's bringing me a little shopping bag of these tapestry wool skeins. I was SO wrong. Correct on the tapestry wool, (the skeins are about 40 yds each.) but wrong on the bag size. She arrived at my door witha GARBAGE BAG full.

I already have a plan. It's to be an entrelac throw.

with LOTS left over.

Also, look what was in my mailbox yesterday.

It's a postcard from Lesley while she is abroad in Europe. How sweet!

Tomorrow we start our vacation, so I might not be posting until the end of next week.

Oh, before I forget, Hop on over to Lesa's and wish her a Happy Birthday!

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