Tuesday, June 06, 2006

An overview

Thursday night

Carma arrived and, as is protocol, we stayed up far too late talking.


We decided to go to lunch before dropping Jess off at school and joining the knitgroup, already in progress, at the local B and N.

Unfortunately, Jess in her excitment, started jumping around on the stoop, and no sooner than I tell her to stop before she hurts herself, she does.

Jess fell forward off the concrete stoop, scraped her face on every step and then landed on said face. So, we spent our morning in the ER, to make sure she was ok. Jess was indeed ok, just some abrasions to her face. (but with Jess you never know.)

We then grabbed some lunch and took her to school. (If it had been me, I would have milked my injuries for all it was worth, but Jess really wanted to go to class.)

Carma and I arrived a little later than planned to meet the knitgroup. (I have no pictures, but Jennifer has posted some. Please excuse the odd expression on my face, It was a rough morning.)

After school, Jess had a date with her Aunt Shell, and Carma and I hit the mall.


We both did our own thing. Carma had some visiting to do and I had errands to run.

Also, Stepdad came home Saturday evening, I ran out there to see him.


We had a picnic and then visited Carma's brother and his family, and got to meet the new baby.


after a Dr's appointment on my end and getting Jess to her bus,(By the way, do I know how to show my guests a bland time or what?) Carma and I were on a mission to search local liquor stores for beer I was unaware was still even being produced. To my surprise, we found it.

Then it was time to part ways, but (if you're still with me here) not before a few FO's were photographed.

Carma's cardigan. Knit by erin.

Carma's baby blanket. Knit by Carma.

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