Tuesday, June 13, 2006

keep on trekkin'...

Jess and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful, sunny day. (Oh, by the way, yesterday's illness was due to Jess eating ALL the tomatoes we had bought Sunday, and then topping it off with a spaghetti dinner.)

Jess and I decided a TREK was in order. Although maybe a short one to sort of break us in for next week's trip to Spring Mill.

I grabbed my trekking 108 and decided I was making things far too hard on myself and just a plain ole stockinette sock would do.

So we headed down the road to Sunset Hill County Park.

We wandered through a few trails, and past "No-Can-Do" Pond. (Mrs. Murray would not let anyone disturb her pond. No swimmers, boaters, frog giggers, no one. That's how it got it's name.)

Then we took one of the trails...

...To visit the former owner of the property. He really did pick one of the more beautiful spots to spend enternity.

Oh, the sock? Well, I didn't get too far.

Jess, a camera, and a sock might just be a little too much for me to handle simultaneously.

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