Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend Update

Thank you all for the compliments on the baby cardigan. There's no pattern to it. I just have a general schematic for a 3 month old sweater that I use as a guide.

I was hoping to have a finished squirrel mitten to show you, but this is all I have:


I had most of it done on Saturday, but I had to rip it all out because it was puckering. Saturday we went to my Mom's, took her to lunch then we all went to see my Stepdad in the hospital. (Yes, he's still there and likely to be there for at least another week.)

It was horrible. He is so doped up on Morphine he cannot stay awake for more than 30 seconds, and when he is awake he is not aware of what's going on. My Mom has more than once, and not quite so politely asked if they could put him on a different painkiller. They are still hoping that they will not have to amputate, but it doesn't look good. Mom is just so exhausted and stressed.

Not much else to post. I have been working on Carma's cardigan.

And I need to finish up my FIL's socks, since there is a good chance he'll be visiting this weekend.

Oh! Wendy has pictures of her daughter modeling the Kiri I made as a thank you for my kickass needlecase.

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