Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday is progress day.

So, I have been cleaning out the guest room. This has forced me to somewhat organize my yarn. Now I'm not going to use the term "yarn diet", but I've decided that if we are seriously looking at moving, I really don't want to move this much yarn.

So, Instead I'm putting up a very vague project list and seeing how much I can get done.

1. I NEED to sew up my Rogue, but I'm still kind of mad at it. (WIP)

2. Carma's cardigan. (WIP)

3. sock pal socks. (WIP)

4. FIL socks. (WIP)

5. Lace tablecloth. (WIP)

6. crochet cat. (WIP)

7. one throw. (WIP)

8. Nate sweater.

9. About 3 shawls.

10. about 6 pair of socks. (2 WIP)

11. about 4 bags.

12. Countless Sweet Mary Janes.

So, let's see what I can finish up.

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