Friday, March 24, 2006

Hangin' in there.

Just wanted to add a note that StepDad's surgery was a success. He is in good spririts, and already making "stumpy" jokes.

This is a huge relief, because due to Stepdad's very weak heart, any surgery is especially scary. He's got a long road ahead, but he has a successfule surgery out of the way, which makes us all more at ease.

Now, To keep my mind off things today, I dug out some of my old crocheted toys, that I had mentioned to the girls at the knit group, and thought I would post pictures.

I want to thank all my sockapalooozers who are helping me with my update this week. I appreciate it so much, and I thank you all.

My Grandmother, Great-Aunts and Mother crochet, so I had a LOT of crocheted toys, and these are just a taste.

Mr. Monkey.



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