Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No rest for the Wicked...

Carma's cardigan has been growing. I'm up past the armholes. I hope to have the body finished and start on the sleeves next week.

We received some bad news yesterday. After two weeks of medical staff trying everything they could to save StepDad's leg. They've decided they are going to have to amputate it at the knee. In more positive news, they have stopped giving him Morphine and he is now awake and alert, and far more cognitive.

I couldn't sleep last night and embarked on "recycling" a failed wool sweater into felted coasters. Pictures as soon as my camera charges.

Also, finally have all the Baby Ull I need to make some Wicked socks I've been planning to make for a friend's Mom. She treated a group of us to tickets to see Wicked in Chicago last July. (Yes, last July I know I'm behind.)

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