Thursday, April 27, 2006

back to your regularly scheduled blog-- already in progress.

Jess is back to normal now and back in school. (thanks you for all the well wishes.) Stepdad comes home on Saturday, whether he's ready to or not(he's so not). And I now have knitting time.

so, FO's first

These mini-jaywalkers are for my niece. I made her a pair of socks in January that do not fit, so she gets a new pair. Jaywalkers, loads of fun.

I've gathered up my sockpal's package and I'm getting ready for the big mail-out day.
(Fellow sockapalooozers, are you driving yourself mad trying to figure out who has you as well?)
You might recognize some ballband warshclothes in there. Warning: those things are addicting.

Ok, onto the projects. My Lucky K8's

Heh? you say? I cannot get friggin' gauge! I have even tried with the recommended needle size. Do not fret. I will win over the laceweight yet.

My silk--er bamboo corset.

A pair of toe up socks, because heaven forbid I don't have at least one sock in progress.

Right now I am SERIOUSLY coveting this top. She has the pattern up on Craftster.

I crocheted some poo for Piddleloop, but it's not quite as cutesy as that which she was coveting. (No picture yet.)

I have to go work on my Togs for Toys entry for this month.

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