Monday, April 10, 2006

KAL and contest winners

We've had a dilemma here, a dilemma I've decided to nip in the bud, before it gets out out of had. What is it you ask?

NAKED BABIES! They are everywhere. These were just the ones I found in the living room. In order to get a handle on this on going problem, I've joined Wendy's Togs for toys craft-a-long. It's a pretty simple concept. Here's the basic description.

Idea:Making one piece of toy clothes every month for 4 months. You can make the clothes using any technique you wish. (knit, crochet, felt, weave, sew, staple, tape, glue,...)
Rules:Must have sent a picture of your toy wearing the item you made by the 28th of the month.
Prizes:For every submission you get your name put into the fish bowl. Multiple submissions are welcomed. Random drawing will be picked on the first of the month for the previous month's submissions. Prizes will very from month to month.

If you need more info, contact Wendy. I was hoping to make a kicky little button for it today, but I'm way behind as it is.


Thank you all for the great suggestions. I'm had a bit of trouble deciding. I'm going to have to opt though for something I can make from my stash, so the winner is...

LavenderSheep with Lucky K8 gloves

She wins (please email me with your addy so I can get this to you.)some trekking sock yarn and a cute little tote.

and my randon winner (chosen by my handy eight sided D&D die)is:

trek who wins (Please email me with your addy too.)some MORE trekking yarn and a set of zippered pouches.

Thank you all. For those that need it my email is:

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