Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Weekend update

Our trip to Ohio was very nice. For those of you anxiously awaiting a picture of Jess in her Easter attire.

Cute, ain't she? Yup, she knows it.

Now since laceweight and many little girls do not mix well, I needed to take a very portable project I could put down and pick up without screwing it up. Enter the Lorna's laces and the two socks I have finished.

The (mini) jaywalker, and the "let's see if I can get a whole 'nother sock out of the remainder of this ball" sock.

Also see what I snagged on this trip?

Ida's sewing...bucket. It's awesome. She still had a table cloth and napkins she had started to embroider in 1973. (I know because she had a note in with it that said just that. That Ida, she's so cute.)

Also, these were in there.

They are to be pillowcases. Hand embroidered. They have yet to se sewed up, but I'm not sure how I want to hem the scallop edge.

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