Monday, July 03, 2006

Deja Vu

My magic yarn ball arrived Friday! It came from Emily (Who was a recipient of some of my stitch markers last summer in the Bead It swap.) in Idaho. The yarn you ask? Noro Iroha. This stuff is SOFT!! I think I'll be making some handwarmers out of it.

The magic yarn ball experience has been wonderful, but the funny part is, I have had some contact with both of these bloggers before. Pop over to Rebecca's site and see the beautiful Sophie bag she made with her magic yarn ball. (She was also the recipient of my sockapaltwoza socks.)

Also while I was out Thursday night, Jess and Nate snuck out to the hardware store to make me a surprise.

My very own PVC Niddy Noddy. But there are two there you say? Yes. Jessica got one too. She is extremely excited about it, even though she doesn't really get what it's used for.

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