Wednesday, July 05, 2006

what the heck is erin up to?

How about a little bit of everything.

We had a wonderful holiday weekend. Saturday we went over to Jill's house for a cook out.

Sunday we were spen the day on Lake Michigan in a coworker's boat. Jess LOVED it.

Tuesday, we went to a cousin's cookout. The truly weird event of the day was when my friend, Andy showed up. Turns out he knows my cousin and actually does a little local radio show with him. We all just never realized we all knew each other. Weird stuff.

There has been knitting.

You are looking at the mish mash that are my WIPs.

There has been cleaning. I've been cleaning out our guest room, aka the junk drawer of our home. It's clean enough now to set up my sewing stuff again, hence...

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