Friday, July 14, 2006


Jess was wonderful yesterday. We have had some behavior "issues" lately and it was so nice to have my sweet little girl back. I hope to see more of her.

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday!

A thank you from Alison, for helping with Sockapaloooza.

A "Just 'Cuz" package from Wendy. Boy, does she spoil me. Look at the cute little project bag, and matching mini wallet/cardholder. The squirrel iron ons, the squirrel and acorn buttons, the plastic sock holder, the CHOCOLATE soap and lotion.I haven't had a chance to check out the recipes. Missing from the picture is a CD she made for Jessica, who is very excited about getting a gift in the mail.

Last night I hung out with Jennifer at Starbucks, and had my new favorite drink. Tangerine Frappacino. (YUM!)

While Jennifer wrestled with her perfect pie mohair shawl, I finished part of Jess' birthday gift. (the top) and then came home and sewed up the rest. (the skirt) Now I'm just hoping it all fits.

Yesterday was a very good day, exact;y when I needed a very good day. Thank you to Jess, Alison, Wendy, Jennifer, and Zee who made it so.

By the way, Carma, Nate told me your news. I cannot even picture it.

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