Monday, August 25, 2014

This is it.

Today is the big day! Today is James' first day of Pre-K. This summer we have had a lot of problems with seperation anxiety. Things did start to look up after we toured his school and met the teachers. 

This weekend he's been telling me about all the cool stuff he's going to get to do at school. But, he seems to think I'm going too, even after I tell him that I'm not.

So today when it was time to go, he told me no. Very calmly. Then he got in the car, and the whole drive to school he told me he was not doing this. We walked into the building and he hit full meltdown.  

I gave him a hug, and a kids, reminded him that Mom always comes back, then I peeled him off of me and walked out.

Later on, the teacher texted me this photo.

While he was away, I spent my glorious free time cleaning up and smuggling out all the toys, etc. for donation. Something that is quite impossible when the kids are always with you.

It's an exciting life here, I must say.

When it was time to pick up James, I drove in a little early, and watched from the lot while he played on the playground. He was so excited to tell me about his day, then asked when he goes back.

Thank goodness.

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