Monday, August 11, 2014


When I rebooted the blog, I had intended on posting once a week. I've already failed. Heh.

The news on my car was initially not very bad, but upon further investigation, the news became grim. So, I have been without a car for most of July. 

We decided our best option was to buy a new car. We had bought the Nissan new in 2005, and it had been a great car. The only issue I had with it in nine years, was the AC developed a leak a few years ago.

So we sold the car, and bought a new one a couple weeks ago.
Our 2014 Honda Accord.

Now you would think that being stuck at home, I would have a lot done to show you, but I don't.

August brought in two family reunions, it brought Jess home from visiting my folks, & today it brought the first day of school.
My big, bad, eighth grader.

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