Thursday, July 10, 2014

A couple projects

So I know I have been a while gone, and I haven't been sure how to go about getting back into posting somewhat regularly. I'm just going to try to pick up with the present and do my best.

The progress on my entrelac project has stalled. Once I realized it would have to be a baby blanket, due to the amount of yarn I have left, I haven't been too keen on finishing it. It's gorgeous, but I don't think I have any baby gifts needed in the near future. With no looming deadline, my interest has faded a bit.

My toe2toe project has reached the second toe. Once that is done, I will figure heel placements, then split the whole thing for the top cuffs.

This week the kids and I headed to Valparaiso, to visit some family. The trip had been long overdue, and I think we all enjoyed it. Jess is extending her stay, so James and I returned home without her.

We got home just fine, but the next day the car broke down, so it's now in the shop.

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