Monday, July 14, 2014


The entrelac baby blanket is done. Well, the entrelac part is. Now I'm trying to decide on the border. As pretty as this yarn is, (Berocco, vintage, color? ) I'm tired of it. 

There is a reason I don't use varigated yarns much. Self striping yarns are a whole other story.

So now onto the border, on which I'm still undecided.

This week we attempted Vacation Bible School with James. The first night, he cried a lot, but was able to eventually calm down and join in the fun. The next night he cried more. We ended up having to come get him because he just would not calm down. Tonight, we didn't even attempt, because the mere mention had him welling up with tears.

I'm trying to decide my next project. There are a couple of sock projects I have going, and I seem to always have at least one sock project, I've been making these while I try to decide:

Pattern: Recluse by Lisa Mutch
Yarn: oddballs from the stash
Notes: pattern calls for worsted, doubled, but many of these I have been making from chunky weight yarn.

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