Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Funny the way it is

It shouldn't surprise me that I'm so much like my mom (I actually love it, the person I'm terrified of becoming is my father). 

I knit just like she sewed. I knit like a fiend for however long (the length varies), then I forget I ever knit a stitch for however long. I'm on or I'm off knitting. Super hard to "force" myself to on.

Remember the baby blanket?

Here it is on July 3rd.
Today? It almost has a section of orange around it. And that's it.

I should mentioned the deadline if it's getting to the parents before the big day is just around 5ish weeks. In other words? I'm screwed. Not just because I'm not fast with the needles but also because I'm second guessing everything. The colors, the patterns, my knitting (if I could maintain a tension that would be great).

If anyone has some tips on motivation, etc they would be very much appreciated. Also feel free to tell me the whole thing sucks, etc and I would cut my losses and throw the whole thing into the bonfire. 

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