Thursday, July 20, 2006


Yeah I've got nothin'.

I've decided that me and my life are just too boring to throw at y'all. I promise I'm not being self deprecating I really think I'm just that boring.

Yesterday the Boy (who is 4 years my junior no less) said something to the effect of when did we get too old to go out and have a good time? My response was something to the effect of when we started building the Lodge perhaps? I have a very un-Carma like urge to put on some "skanky clothes" (ok in the grand scheme of things my view of skanky is probably a little skewed.. but I have a surprisingly large amount of clothes that I think fit in that category... That I NEVER wear) and go DANCING... Like BinWillies, holy crap what happened to Carma.. DANCING. Yeah, Erin close your mouth and probably pick yourself off the floor now.

I assure you this is not generally something I am about. Not that saying going out and shaking ones groove thing is a bad thing I'm just not so much a fan of my particular "thing" that I don't really like shaking it for an "audience" (IE anywhere outside of my empty apartment).

My new boss has informed me on more than one occasion that I could use a boost in the self esteem department... Anyone know where I can get self esteem in a bottle? Or perhaps a can? : )

ANYWAY, it's been hot here. Which means working on the Lodge for more than 3 hours at the arse crack of the day is enough to tire me out for the next, um, week? The construction isn't going as quickly as the Boy would like but we are getting there.... Tonight and this weekend we are working towards a point where we can put the joists for the "shed" roof up (this will be the roof over the loft) so we are getting ever closer to a roof. We even bought shingles last weekend at my home away from home, Menards.

Oh yeah and the heat and the working on the Lodge not real conducive to knitting. I know I suck. Erin, send me some knitting (& general crafty) mojo please. : )

I hope you all aren't melting where you are. : )

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