Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Random Wednesday

First allow me to be a proud Auntie (so I’m slow). This here…

…is my simply adorable nephew Dominick. Born into the fam on May 5th (I said I was slow). Mom, Dad (my oldest brother) & big sister Sydney are all doing fabulously. Man, I love being an aunt. Especially when I realized I was holding a baby with a diaper issue & could pass him easily (well…) off to his dad for a change.

I’ve started a blanket for him (NOT in the Big Bad Baby Blanket pattern because I’m right fond of my ever decreasing level of sanity & don’t want to hurry it’s depletion any more than necessary). Of course I get the yarn (with the help of Erin and Michael’s) only to come back to Iowa to find a pattern that I might be in love with from my Pattern-A-Day knitting calendar. It’s knit out of Crystal Palace’s Summer Net and essentially it’s 3 randomly alternating colors knit in a random pattern of stockinette and reverse stockinette with a garter stitch border. Hey, Erin, any idea where a non-DD geek can find a multi-sided die to help with the randomness? I’m still not totally sure I’m going to make the commitment to this blanket (hey I still have a baby sweater on the needles from, um, a YEAR *at least* ago) but it’s fun to think about. Anyone have any experience with Summer Net?

Second, meet Jimmy…

… the wallet whale. I got him at my local “fun shop”, Mohair Pear, & he is another creation of the Queen Bee (link put there especially for Kristen). I think I might starting an addiction. : ) But this one is TOTALLY justified. I have one of her big wallets & love it but it’s too big to work in my “cute little summer purses” but I’m the world’s most unorganized people so if my shite isn’t in a wallet it’s going to get lost. See? I really can justify anything.

I (I’m giving up on the whole numbering thing) would have new shots of the Lodge to show you but the Boy has yet to email them to me. We had a construction crew come out yesterday (e-gads a real live CONSTRUCTION crew, not just the Boy, me, & some of his friends) to put the back 2nd floor wall BACK up. The wind was so gracious to pull it down for us. Yeah, little tip… Any of you get the brilliant idea to build in the middle of a cornfield with cornfields on either side… take the extra time to plant or otherwise landscape some windbreaks &, heck, SHADE before you start to build. TRUST ME it’ll work wonders. Anyway, not only did the crew put up the back wall they put up the smallest (in relative terms) of the LVL beams & one of two of the LARGE ones. Rumor has it the other large beam is going up today (right now we’re getting on and off T-storms but according to the Schnack they should be clearing up later today).

Other than that, not much going on in these parts… My last day at my current job is tomorrow (Imagine me cartwheeling out the door) & tomorrow night I meet with my new boss & our “financial backer” from Vegas. The job “officially” starts Monday. I was told by my current apartment’s manager (& brother in law to the owner of the building/ my current boss) that I am welcome to stay there as long as I like although my rent discount for being an employee ends with my July 1st payment (I had expected this). I’m still looking for a place closer to the new job (in Cedar Falls) and therefore closer to the Boy/ land too but thankfully there is no hurry. Cedar Falls is a college town, so rent is kind of pricey for some less that desirable space. The new employer keeps telling me I can live with either the college crowd or the senior citizens. I chose those seniors any day. I like my quiet sleep. : ) If any of you happen to know any good places (or even good places for me to start searching) I would appreciate it. I’m half tempted to move back to Waterloo (where the ghetto apartment/ my first place in Iowa) was located. Cedar Falls & Waterloo are essentially “sister cities” in terms of geography (they are RIGHT flipping next to each other) but are really world’s apart. The Boy doesn’t want me living “over there” again but I’m starting to think if it’s really that much cheaper… AND I lived “over there” for 3 years before he ever even met me & I was fine.

I have a feeling this might be an ongoing “issue” for a bit (& before you say anything, saying “Well it’s my apartment & therefore I’m paying for it so it’s my decision” has not stopped the aforementioned discussion).

Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to knit again…. Don’t hold your breath. :)

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