Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nap Time?

I realize that to apologize for my less that frequent posting is kind of silly (because regular blogging hasn't really been my "thing") but with the new job I have had less "regular" access to a computer connected to the Internet AND typically if I'm with the Boy either he's using his computer or I'm just too tired to deal with it.

I do have knitting questions for you all... I've started an easy no-nonsense baby blanket for new nephew, Dominick, and intend to finish it. However another very cool pattern has come to my attention and I'm thinking about making it. This leads me to my questions...

Have any of you worked with Summer Net or anything else from Crystal Palace?

Also I'm pretty non-traditional when it comes to "gender colors" but I'm afraid if I make this blanket out of the suggested colors (celery, strawberry, & misty lilac) Dominick's sister, Sydney, will claim the blanket as her own because pink and purple are pretty high on her list of favorite colors.... (She was the recipent of Aunt Cara's first ever forray into the Big Bad Baby Blanket)... I love the celery color but I'm not married to it. Do any of you guys have any 3-color combo suggestions?

Your input is appreciated.

Tomorrow I'm working on the Lodge with the Boy... Then Saturday it's off to Northern Minnesota to spend a long weekend with the Boy, his sister, his parents, and his grandparents. Yup I decided to bite the bullet and agree to spend the big 2-9 birthday up there (family tradition they've gone up there for the 4th since before the Boy was a twinkle in his daddy's eye...) I think I'm looking forward to it. I had to shop for a bathing suit yesterday (easy way to ruin one's day) but I found some that will work, I guess, so major hurdle over.... : ) We'll be driving back on the 5th (apparently the tradition HAS to include the fireworks on the 4th). We're stopping at Ikea on the way back through the cities because the Boy needs something for the Lodge (or the house)... Best part about this is that my friend, Cari, is going to come down and visit with me (with her two little girls... one of which I have not met yet).

So you all have a FABULOUS weekend and 4th... As my mom would say, "Be careful and all that jazz".

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