Monday, May 01, 2006

Where is the world is Carma?

Alternate title...
"Simply because Erin called me out"

I've said it before and I'll say it again I knew there was a reason I SHARE a blog. Because alone? Yeah not so much with the blogging.

Where to start?

"Lodge" construction is going well. We have almost a complete 2nd floor. Meaning we have all the floor joists up & almost all of the sturdifloor glued & nailed on top of it. Unfortunately we also have Iowa in the Springtime so we haven't had much in the way of progress in the past week or so. SO.MUCH.RAIN. Which also means so much WORK once the rain finally stops. The goal is to get the back upper wall on the place ASAP so we can get the roof over the second floor & enclose things because of the aforementioned rain. I'll get some newer pictures up as soon as it rain stops. :)

Baby news (STOP not me...shaddap)
I'm about to be an aunt again. Well actually I'm about to be an aunt and a surrogate aunt times two.

Roberta, essentially my sister in law (she's been dating my oldest brother for 12 years and is about to have their 2nd child... we move slow in this family), will be having my newest little nephew this Friday if things don't progress themselves more quickly. She's having a planned C-Section this time around (as opposed to the spur of the moment one with my niece Sydney). My brother is pushing for the name Dominick John, Roberta (and I) don't hate it but don't love it either. I think we both fear he's going to get the snot kicked out of him on the playground.

Beth, my coworker (& friend & fellow knitter), is due tomorrow but the doctor doesn't think the babies quite done yet. Beth is scheduled for an ultrasound Thursday to check on things. Then the doctor will decide if/ when to induce (Beth is hoping the inducing commences a nanosecond after the ultrasound). This is baby numero uno for Beth and her hubby Caleb & they aren't sure if they are going to be the proud parents of a wee little boy or a wee little girl yet.

Cari... another coworker, friend & fellow knitter (she's the only person I've successfully taught to knit) isn't TECHNICALLY due until the end of this month and she's been on bed rest for the past 4 weeks but her doctor put her on "modified" bedrest today & won't plan on taking any "measures" to stop her from going to into labor. Ideally the doctor would love to see her go one more week because then they would consider her "fullterm" I guess (what the heck do I know about birthin' babies... ;)). Cari & I are hoping the Harlot's bookbookbook3 tour brings her to Minneapolis (where Cari is now living) mid-June or later so I can go up there to kidnap Cari to visit Stephanie.

Am I the only one that thinks there's a good chance all of these events are going to happen on Friday? :)

Knitting news... yes I have some, shut it.

I finished Olivia's blanket except for the blocking. But I have to vacuum the floor before I can get to that (& take pictures). I HAVE to finish Nicholas's blanket before the first weekend in June when I visit Indiana for, among other things, his first birthday party. I only have the trim left but I've only had the trim left for MONTHS. I've been knitting squares for Grace (I would link but me and the Boy's parents' Mac are only barely speaking at the moment). I got the link while visiting over at Norma's blog (I know that link is over <---).

The Boy & I went to a wedding of a friend of his from high school this past weekend. It was very nice (although as an aside, dating someone younger than you has a serious disadvantage... His friends have just now started getting married, whereas all my friends are already). When we get pictures from his friend I'll post them. What? You think we managed to remember to bring a camera. HA! Erin will appreciate the 'do... it's a little more "serious in the front, party in the back" than it was when I was out there in September. No, don't worry it's not a mullet just spikey.

Oh & Erin... We have LOTS of quiet here in Iowa... just sayin'

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