Monday, March 27, 2006

What Carma's weekends are made of...

Anyone who says construction isn’t hard work is on crack.

This is this weekend’s progress….

We have steel and a couple walls (the ones the steel is resting on). Remember this is a garage (say it with me now, “Uff da”).

The next step is the downstairs wall along the back of the garage. The Boy is hoping that will go up easily this week, he claims this is the easiest part of the whole shindig. But once that goes up we’ll have something to stop the wind.

So needless to say I haven’t been knitting all that much. By the time I get home and cleaned up all I have the strength/ gumption to do is lay on the couch & then get up and go to bed.

I’m hoping to get something knitterly done tonight though. It’s raining here so no constructing and if I don’t do some serious laundry I’m going to have to start going commando in either the worn out sweats that really shouldn’t be seen outside of one’s home OR the really fancy cloths that you keep “just in case”.

Keep your fingers crossed. :)

Oh & send some parental love in Erin's direction... This week is Spring Break.

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