Monday, February 20, 2006

1,082 Miles

That’s how far I traveled this weekend…. From my little apartment in Northeast Iowa to Evansville IN and back. Why did I do this you ask? The Boy collects vintage washing machines & dryers (among other things but that is perhaps a story for another day). He has a friend in Omaha that actually bought a washer/ dryer combo from a guy in Evansville off eBay but never got the opportunity to pick it up. This friend in Omaha said the Boy could have it if he made arrangements to get it from Evansville to Iowa. Having it shipped would have cost over $600 so… road trip.

My Dad lives about 3 hours or so from Evansville (actually he probably lives a little further but to say that my Dad drives like a bat outta hell would be a HUGE understatement) so he drove over to have dinner with us… And, more importantly, meet the Boy. That went well. They didn’t really have a lot of opportunity to talk because two of the Boy’s friends came with us (did I mention the machine we picked up was 350 lbs?) but hey it had to start somewhere right? I will admit that I was a little nervous. This will surprise none of you that know me, I’m neurotic on a whole host of levels (What if Dad doesn’t like him? What if he does?!?!?!). But it did go well I think. If either one of them where shocked or offended or anything they hid it very well. I think the Boy might understand me a little more now. J Or at least understands where I got some of my “interesting quirks”.

I am however a dork. I took knitting with me… Did I knit even one little stitch? Nope. Not a one. To be honest I thought if I got out the knitting I would “accidentally” impale someone with my needles & I have determined that knitting should be used for good not evil. And I determined as I was running through my apartment trying to decide what I was taking with me that I need to seriously organize the knitting. I think that also means I need to breakdown and get myself a ballwinder. I passed over several items because the balls of yarn were going a little nuts. So I think it’s time. Any suggestions on where I should look into getting one? I pretty much have no local yarn shop so sadly that’s not really an option. I have Hobby Lobby and Wal~Mart for the in-person knitting fix.

Tonight my plan after work is to knit and sleep. We’ll see how that goes.

My boss sent out some pictures from our company holiday party back in December. The first is an actual good photo of me and the Boy. He almost always takes a good picture; I, on the other hand, very rarely do. The amount of horrid pictures of me are indeed vast and horrific (Erin can attest to this and show you many many fine examples). So in order to redeem myself.

*picture added later*
Well isn’t this lovely? Apparently redeeming myself isn’t the cards at the moment. Apparently the picture I have is too big for the folks at ImageVenue to handle & I’m too technologically challenged to make my copy of the picture smaller so they can handle it (and I know of no other site that might be able to help me). So the redemption will have to wait for another day. I assure you it’s a cute picture though. :)

I’ll also throw a picture of the new washer/dryer on here if I can get one. J (The is probably the only one of his machine’s I’m actually interested in… I mean a machine where you can throw in, say, a load of towels… press go… then come back later to clean dry towels? Why doesn’t everyone have one? :) )

Added later:

Well here it is, the reason for the road trip. :)

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