Tuesday, January 03, 2006

To Further Shock and Amaze...

ANOTHER post!! I’m on a roll….

A couple weeks ago I realized that I didn't have a remotely recent picture of my family/ brothers to show the Boy (yeah he hasn't had the pleasure of meeting them yet... lucky stiff :) ). He always laughs at me when I’m so shocked about him and his sister looking alike (or any of his friend’s and their siblings). He doesn’t understand that my brothers and I do NOT look alike. Erin is another prime example of siblings not really looking like siblings, they look related just not necessarily siblings. It’s weird in my family though, the older we get the more similar we look.

But I decided to remedy the no picture situation while at my Dad’s. Sadly my family isn’t really one for taken the classic family photo. In fact we had professional pictures taken twice. Once I was 2 or 3 and the other time I was 7. There was one particular picture that I was looking for… of my Mom’s last Christmas (which is also the last photo of any kind that was taken of my ENTIRE family). This is what I came up with…

My first Christmas.

I realize the picture is not at all Christmasy but it was taken during my first December on earth. My oldest brother is the one in the glasses (who is SHOCKINGLY not smiling… ha!), the other two are the twins… Identical so I’m not totally sure which is which but I THINK Craig is the one by my mom in the more yellow shirt and Chris is the other one. Ah gotta love those late 70’s eh? :)

In knitting news…. Because after all this is a knitting blog is it not? (I know you all are shocked again).

• I’m still mid-way through 3 scarves… I just don’t have them in me right now. The Boy’s sister got a really pretty hand-knit scarf from a friend for Christmas and let’s just say I now have scarf envy and are a little “ashamed” of what I’ve been producing. Needless to say I think those will sit for a spell.

• That leaves me with 2 baby blankets and a baby sweater in the works. My goal is to finish this flipping baby sweater! I’m so scared of it it’s not even funny. Erin, not only is your best friend a dork, she’s also a puse.

• I promised myself that I’m going to do a lot of knitting for charity this New Year. I think I’m going to start with squares for the Afghans for Afghans. I bought myself the Stitchology book from Vogue knitting so I think I can incorporate learning new stuff (Erin, stop laughing) into making something useful. Wish me luck.

I HAVE to finish cleaning (read: unpacking) my apartment NOW. I’m hosting a Tupperware party two weeks from today. Yes, that means nearly everything that isn’t nailed down is going into the spare room where the door will be shut but that also means my stash will be mostly buried. I figure if I do it that way I won’t wait 47 years to clean/organize (what’s that?) the spare room because I’ll go through stash withdrawl. How long have I lived in my apartment, you ask? 6 months tomorrow, why? :)

I’m thinking about purchasing myself a cheap digital camera. I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles and I’ve decided that waiting until I own a functioning computer before getting a camera is just not a good idea. :) I got a promotion at work so maybe one of these days I’ll get my head above water and be able to do something with myself. :)

Wow, I keep ending these posts with “don’t hold your breath” moments, don’t I? :)

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