Tuesday, January 24, 2006

As I got all prepared to write an Ode To My Best Friend in honor of the day of her birth I realized… Um, yeah… I’m a dork.

Needless to say I scrapped that idea. Instead I decided to sit on my couch, drink in hand and think about the times Erin and I have had. Talk about a laugh until you nearly wet yourself moment (my mom and my grandma would have been so proud).

I thought about our “big college road trip” that got us all the way to the South of Indy (“Ken, those are mine… Yup, still mine.”) and our other road trip that actually got us all the way to New York State (“When in Rome…”). Heck that one even got us into another country for a brief few minutes. J I thought about Erin throwing her bike down along side of the bike path in Chicago, folding her arms over her chest and REFUSING to peddle another mile (granted we had just finished 30 miles of a 35 mile bike ride… and I did this VERY thing the year before). The ride the following year we wore the SAME outfits just different colors so we could find each other in the crowd.
“Hi, I’m looking for someone that looks just like me but is in orange/green.”

I thought about the fact that she was the first person I called when I realized what was going on in New York City on September 11th and how all I wanted to do that day was go hang out with her and little Jessica. Not that that was terribly different than most other days…

I thought about the number of times she’s talked me down off the proverbial ledge and all of the ways she’s inspired me to be a better person (stop rolling your eyes, Erin).

So please join me in raising your glasses (if you don’t have one go get one don’t worry, I’ll wait...) and wishing my dear dorky best friend a Very Happy Birthday and many many more.

Happy Birthday, Sweets! I wish I could be there to (drink) celebrate with you.

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