Sunday, January 01, 2006

Angie, this one's for you...

Hi, all! Happy New Year!


Yup I still exist. Sadly I didn't get a computer from Santa OR my the company my dad works for (I'm on the list to get one of their used computers if one becomes available). So the blogging probably isn't going to get much better for awhile at least... The good news is it can't get any worse, eh?

I need to start carrying a little notebook or something because I come up with some really witty (ok, probably not really) blogworthy things to say UNTIL I still down in front of a computer of course.

Because now I have drawn a total blank.

My Christmas was nice, I did my yearly pilgramage to see my dad in Cincinnati (ok, ok, I can't lie he lives in Kentucky). We spent time with some of his new "biker buddies" (Erin, go ahead and laugh now... but some of these people were a lot more Biker than I was expecting). One of these friends made me the nicest Christmas present for my dad to give to me... I stained glass picture of Ribby, my sorely missed cat. It's just her head (her body would have made it a BIG piece of stained glass). I got a little veclempt when I opened it.

It was my first gift giving holiday with the new Boy (well, not including his birthday...) I think I did good.... I got him a jigsaw (the power tool not the puzzle), a construction book that he wanted, and a watch (Boy loves watches like I love shoes... Except he doesn't have as many watches as I have shoes). See I have this philosophy about presents between significant others... Practical gifts need to be followed up with completely frivolous presents. Take for example the year my dad bought my mom a vaccuum for Christmas.... He also bought her a fur coat. Mom figured it was a pretty decent trade.

The Boy got me an old/new crock pot (which I wanted/needed) and Blue Topaz earrings that match a necklace that used to belong to my mom (and now belongs to me). Not bad for his first time, eh? :)

That does remind me, Erin, you TOTALLY rock! Thank you so much for your gifts.. :) The candle and holder have been given a prime spot on top of the entertainment center. I even dusted the TV before I put it up there. And I can't tell you how much I love the French Press.... I just need to get to that really cool organic grocery store we went to out here for some coffee to use it. My goal is to convince the Boy that coffee from a French Press is better than coffee from a Percolator. :) If I can get Cory to bring his digital camera up to my place I'll take some photos of the maiden voyage. Then maybe I'll post them before 2007 (I said maybe.... :))

Our New Year's Eve was fairly mellow... Although this is the first year I've ever been in a bar for the proverbial ball drop. Not all that exciting... It probably didn't help that I was the DD so yeah, little ol' me in a sea of drunk folk. woohoo Anyway we met some of the Boy's friends at a local bar on Main Street, stayed there until just after 12, then came back to the Boy's house to watch The Pirates of Silicon Valley. Not bad (Steve Jobs... few tacos short of a combonation platter) .

I hope you all have a wonderful 2006... My new year's resolution? To not ignore y'all so much :) (Don't hold your breath).

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