Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pretty colors...

Here’s a (admittedly awful) picture of the Boy and I. While I’m not a huge fan of myself in this photo (I swear I’m not really that shape), the Boy is cute and his dog, Bandit, is in the picture and looking at the camera. Cory’s digital camera is set up to HOWL like a wolf when it goes off in the delayed feature. Bandit was trying to figure out what we were doing STOPPING while taking her for a walk. As she was walking back towards us there was a howl so she turned around. Hence the expression on her face.

I love dogs. (Yeah I’m pretty fond of the Boy too)

Other pictures of my recent life include the hole in the dirt out at the land (while somewhat exciting to me I assure you it’s dirt… you don’t care ) Once there’s a foundation (or the Boy owns the land) I’ll get a pretty picture for you all.

I don’t have any pictures of my latest knitting… In fact my apartment has eaten the Sophie Bag… My goals tonight are to clean the bathroom (WOOHOO Par-tee), find the Sophie, and start my dad’s best friend’s scarf for the 5th time. I think I’m just not fond of the yarn or something. I got the yarn the pattern calls for (it’s supposed to be a simple ribbed scarf) but I swear there is no noticeable difference in any of the stitches with this yarn. Seed Stitch, garter stitch, any of it… It ALL looks the same. So part of me thinks if it’s all going to look the same why not just go with garter stitch and call it good. But I think if I try to make a decent length scarf out of all garter stitch I might end up hanging myself with said scarf. Perhaps I should entertain the idea of using different yarn. I really do need to organize the stash, maybe there is something in there…  If not I think I’m going to be placing an order with Jimmy Beans for some Noro to make one of Purl’s Magic Scarves for my sister in law.

Any thoughts? Now don’t be getting too crazy on me here, we’re working on a budget AND talent that is somewhere between little and nil.

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