Saturday, September 10, 2005

Public Service Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen...

There is yarn at Target. I know that our friends over at Mason-Dixon (too late for links... will try to insert them later) clued us all in to the learn to knits they started sporting awhile back. But this is straight up yarn AND needles. Now before you all get too excited it's not really anything that wonderful and the needles themselves are fairly awful (well the ones at my Target here anyway) but it's yarn at Target and that creates hope. It's all in the Dollar Spot that is in the front of the store (again in my Target anyway).

Yeah it's the little things in life that get me excited sometimes.

Speaking of yarn items out in the wild... The Boy and I went to some garage sales today and there were two houses with knitting related items. One was a slew of yarn... Sadly nothing to get fired up about, mainly Red Heart in kelly green and some funky variagated Red Heart. Red Heart does have a place in the knitting world in my opinion but if I'm going to pick up a GROSS of it it's going to be in a color(s) that I want etc. Needless to say I passed. The second knitting related item was a bunch of needles of all sizes shapes and colors. They were obviously well loved needles FROM A LONG TIME AGO. Most of the metals ends on the Boyt needles were really rusted. Of the bunch there were only a few to really get fired up about. They were similiar to the Boyt's but they were a plastic like material (Erin, they were really similiar to the ones that you had that Jessie stepped on and snapped). They also had really rusted metal ends. The whole lot of them were priced pretty steep (in my opinion for the condition, etc) so I passed on those too.

Oh well I guess I should just be thankful that it was a nice day and I got to spend it outside with The Boy, eh?

Tomorrow pictures of the Sophie (I know I keep saying that) I've been carrying back and forth to The Boy's house for days and we keep not getting around to taking pictures of it while there is still natural light. Too many trips to Menards of late (yeah perhaps I'll explain that too)...


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