Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hope in a Hopeless world

I'm sure by now the news of Hurricane Katrina is not new to any of you and if you are like me you are finding yourself almost unable to listen to the news and stories of all the displaced beings.

And I'm also sure that by know most of you are aware of the
Harlot-like efforts being performed by Susan and Margene. I'm humbled and in awe of these ladies and of all the people that are doing what they can. I mean if everyone that can could just give $5 that would be a lot of money and that lot of money in the hands of a wonderful organization like the Red Cross would turn into a lot of help for a lot of people. Just sayin', I'll get off my soapbox now. :)

Onto another (albeit not really a happier) subject, well it's not REALLY an unhappy subject persay. Today is September 3rd which would have been my mom's 57 birthday. Unfortunately my mom passed away when she was 48. So today is a bittersweet day for me. I obviously miss my mom and really do enjoy thinking about her but it's still hard knowing that it's going to be awhile before I get to have a conversation with her. So today is one of the two days in the year that I allow myself a pity party. Really it hasn't been so bad. I did some errands that needed to be done, I started the cleaning of the kitchen, and now I'm in the local library typing this. I made sure my Red Cross donation was made today as my tribute to Mom and I bought myself some shoes while I was running errands. The plans for the rest of today? Finishing the kitchen cleaning, knitting, and taking a nice hot bath. Yup, I think Mom would approve.

Onto the needles...

(As an aside I'm pretty sure I need to remember to update my UFO's over on the sidebar the next time I'm using a computer that is not at the library)

I've officially finished the Sophie Bag that was supposed to be for the knitters without borders knit swap that apparently went bust. So I'm going to be sending the bag onto Mom's best friend, Celia, for her birthday (which was Aug 4th...shh) she's going to DUMBFOUNDED to learn that I'm the one that made it. Mom was incredible crafty... Me? Not so much. I more take after Celia in that regard. ;) I'll try to remember to ask the boy to take a picture of it before I box it up so I can post it. The beaded handles were created by Erin and they are beautiful. She even put a bead in there that she now refers to as my trademark (I'll try to get a good shot of that too).

I have half a hemp washcloth on the needles, I've been dragging this poor thing with my everywhere but apparently avoiding it. I do need to finish it up and make another as I have donated them along with some homemade Iowa soaps for the aforementioned Margene and Susan to give away.

I have a ribbon poncho in the works, I really like knitting on it but it's somewhat mindnumbing (it's a big rectangle in garter stitch even I can't get lost on this one) and the needles are huge so I feel like I'm knitting with tree trunks. Not really a bad thing, my arms just get a little more tired a little more quickly.

I have another Big Bad Baby Blanket in the making. I was making fabulous time on it (that reminds me, knit while waiting for the car mechanic... TOTALLY freaks them out) until one of the holders keeping it on the needles while in my bag slipped off and I lost a bunch of stitches. You know what that means doncha? It's been put on in the backseat of my car until I either take it to Indiana for a little Erin-help or I can look at it without having a near panic attack and fix it myself (put money on option A...)

I'm nearly done with the other BBBB for Nicholas but I've run into the part that requires swatching followed by The Math. I'm sure one of these days I'll get a hair up my arse and do it but don't hold your breath.

I bought the yarn to make my coworker a baby sweater. It will be my first foray into knitting a garment. I've been assured this is a very easy knit (big yarn big needles). Cari has actually made the same sweater so she loaned me her needles as well as her leftover yarn so I can use that to swatch (holy crow I'm going to check gauge?!?!?! Quick where's the thermometer?). I'm hoping to at least swatch today.

I also need to come up with a better storage plan for the yarn. The current - everything shoved into boxes in the corner of the spare room - plan really isn't cutting it. I can't ever seem to find anything when I want/ need it (which might explain the lack of actual knitting lately) and I really have no clue as to what I have. Since the spare room is no more a overwhelming pile of boxes and CRAP I think I'm going to lay out all of the yarn and knitting stuff that I have so I can get a handle on everything and decide how I want to group it and what I need to store it. Wish me luck, m'kay? For someone who does really MAKE anything I know I have a pretty healthy stash (mostly because of my best friend's generosity.... She gives me her leftovers and other stuff that's been hanging out in her stash as a way to rationalize buying more).

My local knitting club meets the 2nd Monday and the 4th Tuesday of every month (have I been to a meeting yet? No, but that's not the point at the moment, thank you). Somehow I decided to join my work's softball team (insert hysterical laughter here). The season starts a week from Monday, lasts for 6 weeks and the games are on Monday night. I've already told my coworker Beth (& fellow knitter) that she has to go with me to the next Tuesday knitting meeting... I'm a weenie and hate going someplace alone for the first time. And honestly most people that know me find that astonishing. Well, not the people that know me well and already know that I'm a freak. ;)

Well I guess this stuff isn't going to knit itself. Keep well everyone.

Until next time....

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