Sunday, August 28, 2005

Where HAS the time gone?

Shocking that here it is very nearly the end of August... school is back in session once again. To be honest this doesn't effect my life in a huge way because I am childless. But this does make sleeping later a little more difficult. Apparently I live very close to the high school AND the marching band practices marching down my street. Oh, well I guess that means I'll just get myself to work earlier.

BUT school starting does make a significance difference for my best friend, our dear sweet Erin. Here is a snapshot of one adorable child... Jess waiting for the school bus.

Isn't she cute? (E, you make pretty babies... oh yeah, you too Nate ;))

Oh and under the catagory of things to do to make passerbys think you are insane...
Sit on a bench on a main "parkade" with your friend, with both of your legs straight out in front of you, shoes off, wiggling your toes and laughing like a fool.

But, man oh man, it was worth it. (And, as I'm sure you've all figured out, I'm really not one for caring what passing strangers might think)

I highly recommend to everyone that has never had to one to HURRY and get a pedicure.

Yup, and when do you think you're going to meet two woman that get pedicures and put on "earth shoes"? Cari & I have decided that being girly isn't so bad. :) In fact we might have to do again sometime. Hehehe (again? oh yeah we definitely are).

Seriously everyone needs a

In fact, Erin, you need to get your fanny to Iowa so we (you, Cari, and I) can all go be girly together. Wine and massage chairs. What else does a girl need?

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