Tuesday, August 16, 2005

She's Alive!

Hey, look who's here... yeah it's me. My boss put some interesting computer stuff on our server at work so even blogging outside of working hours is probably out of the question (for a little while?). So yeah my posting time has been reduced to a bargaining tool (if I do _________ then I get to use the computer for _____ amount of time to blog) ha! you can see how well I've been doing with that.

Alright first a meme... Quite possibly the first I've done. Sorry guys I'm NOT entertaining in the least.

5 CDS in your player
Widespread Panic - Bombs and Butterflies
Widespread Panic - Jackassolantern
The Best of the Pet Shop Boys
Spin Doctors - Pocket Full of Kryptonight (yeah that's not spelled right...)
Piddleloop.com- Summer Jams 2K5

5 movies you have seen recently

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
UHF (don't ask)
Gung Ho (again please don't ask)
Revenge of the Sith
Finding Neverland

5 nice things that have happened to you recently
Seeing Erin :)
Getting a kick ass birthday present from Erin, Nate, & Jess
Met a new boy (shhh)
My daddy bought me a TV to replace the 13 incher I was watching
New apartment (yeah haven't so much finished unpacking... probably the new boys fault ;))

5 mp3s in your play list
Um, I don't have one (I'm seriously stuck in the dark ages)

5 friends you are tagging.
I'm pretty sure that anyone I read has already done this OR would never come here to know that I tagged them. Wow Carma's sad existence... pity party over ;)

Alright knitting content (this is where tumbleweed floats through the blog)... Well I have some of a Big Bad Baby Blanket finished for my friend Kim's little one (Olivia, cute as a freaking button). It's seriously slow going... In part because of the new boy ;) (Geez, I'm just all about blaming everything on his eh?) that and it's just not all that entertaining so it's hard to keep myself motivated. But if I knit anything else I feel incredibly guilty because Olivia is going to end up getting this blanket for her high school graduation.

There is a local fibre guild that is going to have a felted hat class... I need to call for details because depending on the day(s) up to two of my coworkers might join me. My grandmother's going to be turning 80 this November and my family is throwing her a surprise party in Florida. Well she's a member of the Red Hat Society so I would really love to make her a felted red hat. And with as slow a knitter as I am I'd seriously better get on that.

My 10 year class reunion was the weekend before last (the "official" reason I went to Indiana) I didn't end up going. When it came down to it I decided that I would rather hang out with Erin and see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory than spend time with people I don't recall liking to begin with. I made an excellent decision if I say so myself (hey, Jen.... Good Morning Starshine... The Earth Says HELLO!) My good friend Jen went and she gave me the lowdown as well as sent me some pictures. Once I get the thumbs up I'll post a few here. She said that nothings really changed. The girls that were snots in high school are still snots today. I don't think 10 years was enough. Maybe I'll contemplate going to the 20th, but I'm not making any promises. ;)

Ok that's all for now I think I've depleted my "time". :) Don't want to blow the load all at once... :) Hopefully I'll be back soon (and with more knitting stuff and maybe pictures!)

Oh I do have a question... erin changed the background color on the blog and on her computer it's orange... But on my computer at work and the new boy's computer it's just white. Anyone else see orange? Just curious....

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