Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Well, fall is officially coming. Last night I literally had to sleep in a sweatshirt under my down comfortable (yeah keep in mind that didn't cause me to get up and close any windows). **As an aside, I swear it's a genetic trait in my family to talk about the weather... Some might say it's a disfunction... ;)

Ok news... Um. There is the working. Lots of working. That means less time for playing on the internet :( The workload has gotten to the point where I can't really spend the time on hold on the internet blogging. RATS.

My friend Cari stayed with me last night. THE FIRST HOUSEGUEST! :) That means I spent Sunday unpacking (yeah it's been about a month and a half... hush) well I spent Sunday unpacking & finishing the most recent Harry Potter (OY had a moment where I just sat rocking on the floor saying well that's not fair!). Cari and I spent yesterday after work running assorted errands, then went to a local adult beverage establishment for dinner with the new boy and his friend. Then we went to another local adult beverage establishment to play pool. Ok, I SUCK at pool. Cari and I just played each other most of the night "for fun" then we played the boys a couple times... The only game I won all night was when the new boy accidently put the 8 ball in. So pool shark I'm not... I have other good qualities, shaddup.

Cari & I did stay out past our bedtimes but a trip to the coffee shop this morning seemed to help things along.

Thursday she's staying with me again and we're going to get our first ever pedicures! I KNOW how girly... But we're so excited. We're also going to hit up the local yarn shop because I want to make a baby sweater for a coworker who is expecting (granted her baby shower is Saturday and HA so not going to happen but the baby is expected until the end of October). Oh yeah then we're going to the local martini bar. Oh forgot to mention, Cari is a mom to a 2 year old. And while she (and I) love her little girl and love to spend time with her we do need to take advantage of this time when Faith is hanging out with her dad. Cari typically works from home about an hour from my office, but this week she's been required to come to the office 4 times (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday) so to save her some driving time (and some gas money) she's staying with me Monday and Thursday.

ok I have tasks from Erin (hehehe sounds so mysterious...) In good time my pretties. And I have a boy that's getting antsy (although we need to collectively thank him for letting me have some uninterupted computer time). More soon... I hope. Maybe even with pictures (boy has digital camera too).

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