Saturday, July 02, 2005

Iowa Becomes ONE

I just read everyone's favorite Harlot write about watching Live 8 and feeling overwhelming guilt for living in a country that has so much. As one who is sitting in my soon-to-be ex apartment watching a montage of the concerts on TV I COMPLETELY understand what she is feeling. So in an attempt to staunt the potential flow of tears I started tooling around the ONE campaign blog. Surprisingly (although in retrospect I'm not sure why) I found yet another reason why I'm glad I live in Iowa. Iowa Becomes ONE I bet there are a lot of people in a lot of states out there that are shocked they want their states to take after this land of corn and pigs.

Any of you that are so inclined to add your voice to the Live8 petition and/or to the ONE campaign that would really be great. (I can't currently find the link to the Live8 petition but Stephanie has it and I'm sure you know where to find her :) )


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