Friday, June 17, 2005

Travelin Light

Well Erin eluded to my canoe trip so I should probably spill it. but before I begin.

I was going to post about the two latest babies in my life complete with pictures but I can't figure out how to save the pictures I have from my email to my neighbor's computer for posting here. And my neighbor is taking a nap and I don't want to wake him up for that. So yeah... Check back for cute babies at a later time (teaser, we have a boy and a girl).

Speaking of my neighbor's, seriously they are the only reason I'm sad about moving out of the ghetto (shaddup, we have those in Iowa... ask erin), it's going to suck not living next to these two. But they are going to be moving relatively soon too and it's not like I'm moving THAT far away. They do rule though... I'm using their cable modem becuase well, dial up sucks, AND I'm burning a ridiculously cool CD for Nathan (& probably me too) all while Ben naps in the other room. Oh, and since Crystal left us for the weekend Ben and I will also be going out for libasions later. :) Seriously could you ask for any cooler neighbors?

Alright onto the canoe trip story. This year is the third annual Iowa Project AWARE
Project AWARE is a trip with the Iowa DNR where we essentially spend a week (or part of a week) as volunteers canoeing down various waterways in Iowa cleaning them up and raising awareness of how important these waterways are for the people and various other being of Iowa and pretty much everywhere else. The first year was a river in Eastern Iowa (yeah I will completely screw up the spelling so I'm not going to try). Nathan didn't find out about that trip until it was over. So last year he kept an ear out for the 2nd one... And we spent the 3rd week in June splashing around central Iowa waterways. We were supposed to do the Des Moines River from just north of Fort Dodge to Des Moines but flooding kept us off that river so we did some tributaries of the Des Moines, the South Skunk River and some prairie restoration around the middle part of the state. Yeah some of you could be thinking that I'm off my rocker, and I might very well be, but I think it may have been one of the greatest vacations I've ever taken. I've never been so filthy and so happy before in my life. And that's saying a lot from a girl who, growing up, thought "roughing it" was a hotel without a pool (this could explain why my family didn't go on a lot of vacations). It was really great, we met a lot of great people from ALL walks of life and while I was completely tuckered out when we got finished it was a relaxing vacation. I mean you can't get much further from your day to day existance (for me) on a river. No computers, no cell phone, no TV. Ah paradise.

Anyway, we had so much fun last year we decided to do it again this year. This year the river being tackled is the Little Sioux WAY over in Western Iowa. I was going to meet Nathan over there (with the help of some friends we met last year, see? Good people) tomorrow and we were going to the whole trip. But that's not in the cards so the guys at the DNR (again good people) are letting us meet up with them on Tuesday night at a school where they are taking everyone to shower (because there are literally no campgrounds with shower facilities in Western Iowa). They are being really great. Brian, the guy that runs this show, gave me all the information on the school so I could call and very politely ask if they minded my car being parked in their lot for a week. And he has told us numerous times about not worrying about what time we get out there someone will send a shuttle from the campground to the school for us. I know these are "special" circumstances but they don't have to be so great and it's really nice that they are. (And my mom would about kill me for the horrid grammar in that sentence, but yeah, when I have ever been the grammar queen?)

So THAT'S where your ol' pal Carma will be from this Tuesday until Saturday. Then Sunday I'll more than likely be scrubbing the filth, suntan lotion, and bugspray from my tired carcass (remember very few showers at the campgrounds along this river). Oh yeah and airing out/ washing everything else.

Don't worry I'll have my lifejacket on... because NOTHING is sexier than a PFD tan. ;)

Alright off to pack some more (and hopefully get to drinking with Ben.. who is still sleeping... no, Cara, you can "accidently" pelt him with stuff just because you want beer). I'm sure I'll have time to post at least a little something before I leave.


***Blogger isn't being real helpful with the spellcheck so please ignore the fact that my father's an engineer and I inherited his lack of spelling ability** :)

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