Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Darn Fine Man

While I'm sure all (or hopefully most anyway) of you have wonderful fathers. In honor of today, a wee bit of a tribute to the man I'm proud to call my dad.

My dad is pretty amazing. He (along with my mom) managed to raise me and my 3 older brothers. Believe me if you knew all of us you would know what a mean feat that had to have been.

He did all the "sterotypical" dad things, kept us fed, clothed and with shelter all without making us feel like he "HAD" to do it. And he did this even though his job caused him to travel a lot.

He taught me the phrase (& the philosophy), "If I HAD to do it I wouldn't" (ie, Dad, you don't have to _________).

He's pulled these chestnuts out of the fire; emotionally, financially, and physically more than once. All the while why saying, "if I HAD to do it I wouldn't".

He gave me lots of really great memories. The one that currently comes to mind is him dancing in the kitchen and the living room with my mom. Oh yeah and the way he makes up his own words to songs.

But the number one reason that I'm really glad that my dad is my dad?
He really gets the whole unconditional love thing.
Happy Fathers Day, Dad. I love you.

**And happy father's day to all the other dad's out there too**

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